Compare XendPay Exchange Rates. Pay-What-You-Want for Money Transfers with XendPay.

With XendPays Pay-What-You-Want Model, you could say there is no money transfer provider that is priced fairer. Choose from a large set of countries and currencies for your transfer, receive beneficial exchange rates, and benefit from on the most welcoming Refer-A-Friend Programs in the money transfer space.
No cash transfers are available. Certain limits make the service a little bit less useful.

Support your community by choosing XendPay money transfers.

Not only does XendPay offer very favorable exchange rates, it also offers you a Pay-What-You-Want scheme for money transfers.

How does XendPay work and is it safe?

XendPay is part of RationalFX, where you can use the foreign exchange service with pricing more suitable for business transfers.

We think XendPay is offering the most unique pricing strategy for money transfers, where after all you don’t need to compare the prices anymore with CompareTransfer.

How does XendPay work?

XendPay is allowing you to choose your own transfer fees and leave a tip with Pay-What-You-Want. Of course, you also can decide to pay no transfer fees for your money exchange, enabling you to send money at the lowest cost.

However, we highly recommend to tip for the service. XendPay also offers fair exchange rates, paying to tip would lead to the result, that other users in your community would have to pay a more premium rate on their money transfer.

Despite the discount strategy, XendPay is offering premium services.

  • Over 51 currencies are tradable.
  • Debit and Credit Card Payment for a small fee.
  • Easy and transparent to use.

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