With Currencies Direct you choose a money transfer company which truly understands your needs.

Better service than banks. Very good support.
Not a service for cheap money transfers. Exchange rates not disclosed without registration. The live exchange rates of Currencies Direct are not available at CompareTransfer.

Our honest Currencies Direct Review.

Currencies Direct was founded in 1996 in the United Kingdom and today has offices all over the world.

They are still a little bit oldfashioned, compared to the newer competition. We for example prefer money transfer providers, which directly show the customers more transparent pricing tables to improve the user experience.

However, Currencies Direct is targeting mainly professionals for their foreign exchange business, because they also provide additional currency services for businesses.

Why we have not integrated Currencies Direct into CompareTransfer yet.

We already have integrated Currencies Direct before, however, it was not possible to receive 100% accurate pricing information.

We will integrate Currencies Direct again into CompareTransfer when they can provide 100% accurate data to display for our comparison.

3.3 rating

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