Send money fast and simple with TransferGo.

Because TransferGo does not deliver cash, only money by bank transfer, TransferGo is often considerably cheaper than other options. Promotional rates start at zero transfer fees. While only delivering by bank transfer, the recipient can receive the money as quickly, in 30 minutes, making TransferGo the fastest provider on many routes. Save more with our £10 TransferGo bonus code.
No local transfers. Not possible to send from outside Europe.

TransferGo Review: Why is it better to use TransferGo?

Is TransferGo the fastest money transfer provider?

How do I compare the TransferGo exchange rates with alternative options?

With our price comparison, you can compare the live exchange rates of money transfer providers and find the best TransferGo alternatives.

When you look for a discount money transfer provider that is really fast and simple to use, look for TransferGo. At Transfergo foreign currency transactions can be as fast and cheap than using Bitcoin, making it possible to enjoy large discounts over Banks, PayPal, and Western Union.

The tariff to look for the cheapest money transfer is “TransferGo Economy”, which can be paid by bank transfer. For just a slightly premium rate the recipient gets the money already within 30 minutes and you can pay for your transfer by Visa or MasterCard.

Is TransferGo the fastest money transfer provider?

Usually, 30 Minutes is even speedier than doing a cash transfer to a local cash pick-up office because the recipient does not have to visit the next shop during the opening times. There is no other service, which can deliver money faster than TransferGo. While a PayPal transaction is instant, it can take one or two days more to withdraw to your bank account.

TransferGo Review: How does TransferGo compare to PayPal.

TransferGo is not only faster then PayPal, it provides a better user experience in general.

While TransferGo receives an excellent customer rating, PayPal is rated really bad.

The bad ratings for PayPal are absolutely justified. At TransferGo, you receive better exchange rates in foreign exchange and pay no additional fees, making it possible to deduct up to 90% of the total cost of your money transfer.

Sure win for TransferGo.

With TransferGo money can be delivered even faster to bank accounts abroad and there are no security concerns from the side of the seller. It is absolutely safe to use TransferGo.

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