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TransferWise is developed in Estonia and based in London. Over 1000 employees from 42 different nations will be at your side in case of any problems in offices in Tallinn, Budapest, Tampa (FL), New York and Cherkassy.

TransferWise was founded in 2011 by the Estonian friends Taavet and Kristo, when they were faced with the high costs of foreign bank transfers. They discovered a way to get around the high fees by swapping British Pound and Euro at the real mid-market exchange rate. The concept of TransferWise is based on this peer-to-peer model, where the currencies of the users are exchanged between each other.

With an impressive growth, over 4 billion euros have already been sent with TransferWise, and low fees, TransferWise has become one of the top addresses for your international private and business payments. TransferWise works especially great for bank transfers between developed and emerging markets.

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TransferWise has been named by the Guardian as one of London's hottest tech startups.

Star investors like Peter Thiel and Richard Branson invested in TransferWise.

International transfers with TransferWise are safe, this confirms the TÜVRheinland certificate.

Receive money from abroad with the multi-currency account and pay with the TransferWise credit card.

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TransferWise is the only provider that guarantees money is exchanged against the real mid-market rate. There is only a small fee starting at 0.5%, which depending on the amount you send. This rate is excellent, especially if you send a moderate sum abroad.

We claim not only because of the pricing that TransferWise is the most transparent provider of money transfers. The handling of your transfer is also exemplary. With a variety of payment options, you can make your transfer as convenient as possible.

Using the additional services introduced, such as the multi-currency account and the debit card, you can use TransferWise as a substitute for a bank account for international payments, if you regularly receive funds from abroad.
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