What is CurrencyFair

CurrencyFair was founded in 2009 in Ireland. The idea behind the creation of the company was that ordinary people and small businesses should receive the same rates for foreign transfers as banks or market participants with millions of dollars in revenue.

To achieve this, CurrencyFair acts as a peer-to-peer currency marketplace. In order to avoid expensive cross-border payments, the money remains in the countries of origin and you exchange it with another market participant.

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No ground fees on your first money Transfer


No Ground Fee


No ground fees on your first money Transfer

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Over 6 billion euros have already been exchanged with CurrencyFair.

CurrencyFair regularly wins contests for particularly interesting fintech startups.

More than 50 employees in 4 countries take care of a smooth transfer.

Get a better rate by creating limit orders.

How does CurrencyFair work

  • Exchange 17 different currencies.
  • CurrencyFair covers bank transfers within 126 countries.
  • Deposit money by bank transfer and send it directly to the recipient.
  • Keep your money in CurrencyFair to match with the best exchange rate.
  • Pay only 0.35% comission and 3€ transfer fee in average.

CurrencyFair is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.


Licensed by FCA
Reference number: C57373

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CurrencyFair Review

CurrencyFair has an excellent reputation. Online transactions with CurrencyFair are professional and easy to understand. You may miss features for even more convenient processing, such as more payment options. On the other hand transfers over 10.000 Euro often cost significantly less than the using the competition. For regular overseas transfers, you could keep money in your CurrencyFair account to send it directly abroad without previous charging, or automatically exchange it for foreign currencies when they reach a certain limit.

We also found the following drawback: If the recipient expects to receive a fixed amount of money, you should initially charge your account with a slightly higher amount due to price fluctuations. If you make a foreign transfer with CurrencyFair only once, you will be charged 4 Euros for the refund of the remaining money in the account. This remaining money would be refunded automatically and free of charge with TransferWise.

Because of CurrencyFairs generous welcome offer, everybody should use their service at least once. However CurrencyFairs service is especially tailored to clients who regularly send larger sums abroad.
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