What is Currencies Direct

Founded in London in 1996, Currencies Direct was one of the first companies, which offered currency services outside the banking sector. Now Currencies Direct has become one of the largest providers for currency services in the United Kingdom.

Over 300 employees work in offices in the United Kingdom, the United States, Spain, France, India, South Africa and Portugal. The service can be used both by individuals and businesses. However, it only makes sense to use Currencies Direct when larger amounts are moved.

Due to additional custom-tailored services, Currencies Direct is a provider; professional clients should contact to optimize their international cash flow and make the most of overseas opportunities. Particular attention is paid to online traders who transact across borders and in a variety of currencies.

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CurrenciesDirect was founded 1996 in London.

Each year over 4.5 billion Pound are transferred with CurrenciesDirect.

Over 150.000 coropoate and invidual clients already have used the service of CurrenciesDirect.

CurrenciesDirect is a great partner for your business, especially for online sellers.

How does Currencies Direct work

  • Make payments in over 120 currencies
  • Professional clients can benefit of the advanced features of CurrenciesDirect
  • Secure your cash flow against a rapidly moving market
  • Multi currency accounts to simplify your international business
  • Partner with an expert to make the smartest decisions on your business

Currencies Direct is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA): 25 The North Colonnade, London, E14 5HS.


Licensed by FCA
Reference number: 900669

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Currencies Direct Review

Currencies Direct is a professional partner for your international payments. Other providers do not serve many of the additional services, but you will also not need to use them for regular international transfers.

One drawback is that many currencies are sent from an international bank account so that additional fees may be incurred at the beneficiary's bank due to international transfers.
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99% of users did not need to contact the customer service

99% of customers wiLl use Currencies Direct again

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