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  • A multilingual solution is available in over 10 languages.
  • Integrate a money transfer live comparison within 24 hours into your WordPress website
  • The audience can choose from the best foreign exchange rates on WordPress.
  • For donations, NGOs will receive more money with our payment platform.
  • Global foreign exchange rates coverage.

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CompareTransfer API

Integrate your money transfer provider into CompareTransfer

Contact us to integrate the API of your money transfer provider into CompareTransfer. We always look for integrating money transfer providers into CompareTransfer.

Use the CompareTransfer API to implement money transfers into applications.

Earn money by providing the best exchange rates via the CompareTransfer API. Use our API to promote the best money transfer products on Web Applications, Finance Applications, and more. You can use the CompareTransfer API combined with CompareTransfer Affiliate.

How to use the CompareTransfer API?

There are two endpoints that return countries and the page language for comparisons.

You need to refer to this endpoint to get a list of countries:

Here's a 'curl' that can do that:

curl --location --request GET '' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded' '

The answer will come to JSON
        "post_title": "Australia",
        "country_code": "AUS",
        "country_code2": "AU",
        "currency": "AUD",
        "language_code": "en"
        "post_title": "Afghanistan",
        "country_code": "AFG",
        "country_code2": "AF",
        "currency": "AFN",
        "language_code": "en"

The next endpoint will return the pages for comparison. each has its own language, so you can get all the languages as well.

Here's a 'curl' that can do that:

curl --location --request GET '' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded' '

The answer will come to JSON
        "post_name": "cambio",
        "language_code": "es"
        "post_name": "taux",
        "language_code": "fr"

In response post_name is a slug of the comparison page. Therefore, having received this information, you can generate url on all comparison pages
as follows:

language_code = page language for comparisons
post_name = slug comparisons page
country_code = from country code
to_code = from country code
currency = from currency code
currency = to currency code

For an integration with CompareTransfer Affiliate, your Affiliate ID can be added right after the links. E-Mail us to receive your personal affiliate key.

Coming Soon: Whitelabel Comparison

When you want to learn more about our API and the WPFX Plugin, contact CompareTransfer Affiliate. The best way to integrate money transfers into your business.