SEPA is the Single Euro Payments Area.

A SEPA transfer is a bank transfer in Euro within the Eurozone. Transfers in foreign currencies (e.g. Swiss Francs) within the SEPA countries are not SEPA transfers, but international transfers.

How much are are SEPA transfers?

Within the euro area, SEPA transfers are free when the transferred currency is Euro. This applies to the following countries:

Example: There is no additional fee for transferring Euro from a bank account in Portugal to a bank account in the Netherlands.

SEPA countries with other currencies than Euro within the European Union.

When foreign currencies are involved, fees are charged by banks also for SEPA transfers. Fees are displayed in the price and service list of the involved banks.

SEPA countries outside the European Union.

SEPA transfers to and from countries outside the European Union could bear bank charges.