After 18 month, countless hours on the Laptop, working 7 days a week, today we are proud to announce you CompareTransfer is leaving the Beta stadium. Our new site is leading the way into a new world of money transfer comparisons. We aim to deliver the best tariffs and find the best offers for each person, company or NGO, which wants to do the switch from high charges to cheaper and better foreign exchange providers. By following our vision we want to take part, to make the market for remittances more fair and transparent for everybody.

Remittances are a huge factor in the development of poor countries. The total amount remitted each year is with over 550 billion USD three times larger than the total aid budget, making remittances the largest source of external financing in the world. In 24 countries remittances account for more than 10% of the GDP and in 9 countries it’s even more than 20%. If we, our partners and our competitors can help to cut the prices of remittances more than 5%, we would save 16 billion in fees a year. With the spreading of new technics these goals are not too far away anymore.

For us the new release is a huge step forward, but for our users it’s just the beginning. We strive to work as hard as before to integrate new solutions and features the money transfer market has not seen yet.

At this point we also want to thank everybody, with whom we could form a succesful partnership during our development process. We are happy to hear from you, if you have feedback or want to have your money transfer provider integrated.