Is it possible to send money to Cambodia using PayPal?

In 2019, PayPal does not support sending money to Cambodia yet. However, Cambodian citizens can open a PayPal account, add their credit or debit card, and send payments to 59 countries abroad. This, for example, makes sense do shop at online stores overseas.

For other forms of payments, we suggest our users avoid PayPal because of high transfer and currency conversion fees. There are alternatives out there, which provide a much cheaper service with more payment options.

PayPal alternatives available in Cambodia.

CompareTransfer is a price comparison website for international money transfers. Similar to Skyscanner for flights, you can compare with us the live exchange rates and fees of multi-currency money transfers.

In our comparison, you can choose the best PayPal alternatives for international bank transfers to Cambodia. Also, we support transfers, which can be picked up locally in cities such as Phnom Penh or Sihanoukville.

Send money from Australia to Cambodia.

When you want to send money to Cambodia, it is not possible to use PayPal, but you can find alternative providers to transfer money using CompareTransfer.