TorFX – Rate Improver Guarantee

TorFX is matching the best exchange rate margin.
Bonus Code N/A

As one of the largest FX providers in the market TorFX beats any price* from CompareTransfer.

To take up on this offer you need to;

  • Register with TorFX.
  • Provide evidence by sending a Link to CompareTransfer.
  • The rate improver guarantee only applies before you agree a transaction with TorFX. We cannot amend or cancel a transaction.

*Price means the margin + transfer fees quoted by on CompareTransfer. Margin is the difference between the interbank rate and the rate quoted. As markets move continuously our improved rate will be based on the margin the other provider quoted, and not the absolute exchange rate.

TorFX cannot beat the other provider’s quote if the exchange rate is better than the interbank rate.

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