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Compare Money Transfers.


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With CompareTransfer you will find the best way to send money abroad.
Compare Money Transfers.

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This is why CompareTransfer is the best way to send money abroad.

Compare the real fees.

Money transfers often include a margin, which is hidden in the exchange rate. With CompareTransfer you have the possiblity to compare the real fees of money transfer providers.

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If your money transfer has a high priority, you have the possibility to choose the fastest of over 8 different money transfer providers. With us it's easy to find the fastest way to send money abroad.

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On CompareTransfer you'll find exclusive coupons and offers, with whom you'll have the possiblity to save even more money on your international money transfers.

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The exchange rates and ground fees of money transfer providers will be different from time to time. The advanced engine of CompareTransfer will calculate the fees of all money transfers in real time.

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You have no need anymore to visit multiple money transfer providers to compare fees. With CompareTransfer you can compare the tariffs at one place. We respect your special wishes, so you can use our filter to choose the right offer.

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Compared to Banks you will save 90% fees in average by choosing the cheapest offer on CompareTransfer to send money to Europe, America or Asia.